My research interests are broad, but my main focus is on mathematical reasoning, argumentation and proof which are the keystones of mathematics. Justification and proof are both the means for communicating mathematical ideas and the tools that enable understanding of these ideas.
My fascination with this reasoning and justification originated from my teaching of high school mathematics and it became the subject of both my masters and doctoral research.
Click here for the extended English abstract of my master thesis and for the extended English abstract of my doctoral dissertation. 
Findings from these studies have been published in scholarly journals, presented at international conferences and appear in peer-reviewed proceedings.

Currently I am a research associate at the Center for Mathematics Education at the University of Maryland, where I work on Thought Experiments in Mathematics Teaching (ThEMaT) project.  Being a part of ThEMaT project allowed me to shift the focus of my research from studying students to studying teaching as complex social practice.  It also provided me with valuable experience in conducting a large scale study that involves a both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and innovative technological tools.
Since I joined the project in 2011, we have developed and piloted a suite of on-line rich-media questionnaires designed for studying mathematics teachers’ norms and decision making. Specifically we have been focusing on algebra teachers’ perceptions on students’ non-standard solutions to linear equations and word problems.
We have conducted two rounds of data collection and analysis and are currently working on publications and on designing the third round of data collection.

Design of instructional tasks has been one of the areas of my research interests. Both my masters and doctoral research involved significant design component. Some aspects of this work have been recently presented at the International Commission on Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) Conference on Task Design in Mathematics Education, which took place in Oxford, UK.