I fundamentally believe that educational research and teaching should build on and inform one another, and I strive to combine the two.

I taught secondary mathematics for 8 years prior to and while earning my Master’s degree. As a Doctoral candidate at the Technion, I taught multiple content and methods courses for prospective teachers; and also designed and conducted professional development for practicing teachers.

In recognition of my work as teacher educator at the Technion I received a Vivian Konigsberg Award for Excellence in Teaching for three consecutive years (2006 – 2008) followed by an Award for Consistent Excellence in Teaching in 2008.  

At the Center for Mathematics Education at UMD I co-teach an undergraduate methods course which includes a strong practice component and supervision of students’ teaching in the middle school setting.  I also teach a content course on mathematical reasoning and proof.

I am fascinated by the ways in which technology influence mathematical thinking and learning and reshapes the nature of mathematical experiences of both students and teachers.  As teacher educator I incorporate various opportunities for teachers to engage with technological applications including dynamic geometry and algebra software (e.g. Geometer’s Sketchpad, Graphmatica, Geogebra) and encourage the teachers to create such opportunities for their students. Working on ThEMaT project during the last two years I have specialized in designing of online interactive learning experiences for pre-service and in-service teachers.